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Highpoint Fulvic Test

Since May 2017, we have been testing a new product on pasture grass called Fulvic Humic or FH. We started with one spraying at 1 oz per gallon sprayed over 60 acres. This pasture is located outside of Newkirk, Oklahoma close to the Kaw lake.

Eight cows, one bull and 6 calves which 4 were born starting the last week of July and first week of August, 2017 and the last two born last week of August. It surprised the ranch hand as they figured fall. Some research found showed on cattle had higher birthing rates. (Again, the fulvic in our trial is 30% where most others ar 2-3%).

Spraying Microbes

With most sprayings we added microbes which we grew in 5 gallon containers (mixed with 1 cup organic sugar and later we added organic chicken broth).

Josh Roberts is the sales representative from Kansas and his number if 316-640-7039 if you would like to contact Josh. Also, their company website is http://www.oaktree1.com

While most fulvic sold is 2-3% fulvic this product tests 28-30%. Also most fulvic is made from coal or shale using chemicals but this is from plants using water process.

I wanted to add this research about how organic minerals are better than non-organic. The calves weighed 50lbs more and they stayed healthier. Their fulvic is organic. Click Here.





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